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I hope this will encourage me to post more.


Aug. 28th, 2008 04:07 am
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Discworld Con was enormous fun. I particularly enjoyed Terry's Bedtime Stories. Although there were not as many of my kind attending as were at Eastercon, I made a few new contacts and met some acquaintances.

I now have a passport, so was tempted to generate a PGP key and attend the keysigning party. An idea for the future.
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It's not decided whether I should go to England for three weeks or stay in France to look after the house and oversee the renovation work. I had been in favour of staying (the car will be uncomfortably crowded on the return journey) until I noticed that Eurotunnel are offering passports for teddy bears. I was delighted by the thought of having my own passport and changed my mind about the journey.

Unfortunately the passports are only for sale, at Folkestone, 1-2 and 8-9 August. The ticket is booked for early on the morning of 10 August. Perhaps I should email and ask if I could reserve a passport.

If I do decide to travel to England I could attend DWCon.
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The weather has been amazing. It rains so hard that a stream forms at the back of the house (there is actually a storm drain under the neighbours' garage which abutts onto La Grande Salle), and a waterfall over the terrace. When the sky has emptied the sunshine returns, until the clouds build up again. There have been three fierce but very brief thunderstorms, one in the middle of the night. It's generally cool, but when the sun is out one has to be careful because it's quite strong.

So far we haven't been outside at night. I'm looking forward to it - there is no light pollution here.
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I rode on the front seat for the journey, and had a pleasant chat with the Customs people.
It was a long drive down from Calais (more than 10 hours including stops!), but I believe the actual driving time was about 7 hours.

After another short drive through twisting country lanes we arrived at Le Rivalard, where I spent the night guarding the house while [ profile] sunflowerinrain went to find somewhere to sleep. Next day she returned with the previous owners who showed us where things are and how to deal with the electricity and water. I am now installed in the downstairs bedroom, on a mattress which they left for us. Very comfortable.

The countryside here is lovely, and very quiet apart from a military jet which passes low overhead in the early evening. Although we have had some rain, including one tremendous downpour, it soon clears and becomes sunny again.

I'm looking forward to welcoming my friends.


Mar. 21st, 2008 05:48 pm
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Am at Eastercon (registered as "an Apocryphal", a delightful term), and have been exploring and being introduced to people.

The hotel, by the way, has running water. Down interior walls. It's beautiful.
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Finally, somebody has translated the lyrics and I know what they mean.

I'm ever so grateful.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 11:50 pm
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Through the generosity of [ profile] tig_b, I shall be attending EasterCon 2008. Most exciting. Perhaps I shall meet Neil Gaiman!
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I'm currently staying with [ profile] katsmeat until I go to France with [ profile] sunflowerinrain. Katsmeat's been telling me all about it and I must say, it sounds very nice.

Merry Christmas all.

Some more Bailey's, I think.

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[ profile] vivr took a photo of me and Sminty in our summer home at [ profile] dragonmaestro's

Here it is.
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Sminty and I were collected by [ profile] sunflowerinrain, [ profile] mistressdickens, and [ profile] vivr from Burgh Castle, where we'd been "resting" for the summer with [ profile] dragonmaestro. Now we are settled back in Norwich, for a few months.

Just after we arrived there was a lot of excitement and baking on the occasion of HMG's birthday. Her surprise party turned out to be more of a surprise than some of its organiers expected, because she and HMJ got engaged! The house was bursting with people. Daven took some good photos, and [ profile] sunflowerinrain took a few rather poor photos (with the camera-phone; dreadfully lazy of her). At present, only the poor photos are online, here.

Since then we have watched quite a lot of West Wing, which I had not seen before. Most interesting.
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M'roommate Sminty and I are going to live with [ profile] dragonmaestro while [ profile] sunflowerinrain is looking after Frodo-the-cat for three weeks. We'll be homeless when that ends, but hopefully not for long.

Moving seems to be all I post about!
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Recently went to visit [ profile] aeia in her new flat, and met her Dog and Crocodile.

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All those cables...

With a bit of help from my friend

new pics

Sep. 2nd, 2003 11:32 pm
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Been trying out my new flying machine.

We had a party here for the big ones last weekend, but I spent most of it in the server room, being hidden from my Arch-Enemy Bonwick. So I had my own party, and did a bit of DJing.

Pics here.
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